Sunday, March 18, 2012

Posts I'm Passionate About, 18 March 2012

Every week, one of the bloggers I follow, Alexis Grant at The Traveling Writer, presents her readers with a list of great posts she’s come across that week and links so we can read them for ourselves. I just love these because I always find at least one or two that I really enjoy.

Recently I’ve come across so many fantastic, inspirational pieces that now I totally understand why Alexis feels the need to share her faves. So, here is my current list of Posts I’m Passionate About. I hope you'll find something here that resonates with you.

  • In her Everyday Bright blog, Jennifer Gresham suggests that you use envy to guide you toward what you should do or who you should be.

  • Niall Doherty talks about the extraordinary generosity of strangers and how this has made Iran one of the highlights of his current trip around the world from his Disrupting the Rabblement blog. (He also introduces this post with a video in his sexy, Irish accent!)

Enjoy and let me know what you think of these!