Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nap Attack…Come and Get Me!

Most mornings when I leave the house, my cat is reclined in a truly relaxing pose. More often than not, when I return home hours later, I find him in exactly the same position. What a life, eh? This always makes me feel a tinge of jealousy. What is it about The Nap that makes it so wonderful? I’m not quite sure, but I do know what my favorite types of nap are.   

Napping as Its Own Reward
My favorite nap is the mid-afternoon pick-me-up after a hard morning’s work. I like feeling as if I’ve earned it, like it’s my prize. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t think you necessarily have to earn a nap…which brings me to my next favorite type of nap.

The Nap You’ll Earn Later…or Not
You know, you’ve woken up unusually early—either on purpose to accomplish some important task like taking someone near and dear to the airport (you’re such a good friend) or accidentally due to restless thoughts about your self-imposed deadline to write that blog post. Then after an hour or two, when maybe the most productive thing you’ve done is make a pot of coffee, you feel the unshakeable need to stretch out and “just rest your eyes for a bit”…which is code for “I’m off to Napland for twenty minutes or so. See you when I get back.” You haven’t really earned this type of nap, which is part of what makes it so enjoyable.

Napping Sacrilege
I’ve also heard of people who nap simply because they’re bored. I have to say I don’t agree with this practice at all. I’m thinking these people can’t be true nappers because a napping devotee would never abuse this activity in such a way.

I’m stifling a yawn as I finish this post, so I’m thinking…maybe it’s time to “just rest my eyes for a bit.” 

What are your favorite ways to nap?

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