Saturday, February 18, 2012

Body Clearly Not a “Favorite”

I noticed something revealing and scary yesterday as I looked at my bookmarked Favorites online: I had to scroll more than halfway down a very long list to get to my folder of health-related sites. It was much farther down than my hair salon site (why do I need a link to that?), my Mapquest link (that I haven’t used since I got a GPS for my car), and a host of other sites I can’t even remember bookmarking. This was revealing because it’s a total metaphor for how low a priority I’ve made my health. It was scary because, at 47, I’m too old to have this attitude.

Yes, I eat like a teenager. No, I’ve never been an especially active person. Yes, over the last year or so, I’ve definitely noticed this behavior catching up with me in the form of excess weight and a host of odd aches and pains. The good news is I’m finally starting to make an effort to do better. Why now? As with most things in my life, it’s because when the student is ready, the teacher is there…and recently both have been showing up for class.

This afternoon, I had just finished unpacking my bag full of healthy foods from Trader Joe’s and was starting to get ready for my first yoga class in over a year, when I caught Dr. Oz sharing recipes on his show for healthy and tasty snacks that will also help improve metabolism and energy. Hello! Class is in session!

I know I have a long way to go—and I’m not looking forward to how sore I’m pretty sure my newly-returned-to-yoga body will be tomorrow—but I have moved my Health folder much higher up on my list of Favorites. Now it’s just below the link to rental apartments in Paris.

Hey, I have to have somewhere amazing to take my new and improved body!

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